Sunday, October 5, 2008

Progress Report

I made a lot of grand claims here a few weeks back, and so I am posting in properly with an update on our advancement:

1. Brandon Brown's TAXT chapbook CAMELS! will be ready TUESDAY NIGHT! Published! Check! Jasper's DESEQUENCER is next. Brazil's SPY WEDNESDAY next next! John, can we talk? I don't know what to do about all those color pages. Alli? Geneva?

2. I bought a ticket to NEW YORK. When I told Brandon Brown I wanted to Skype in to my I agreed to give a reading at the Poetry Project, he looked at me with horror and disgust, and since Brandon Brown has fully supported every ass-backwards escapade I ever tried out on him or anyone, I knew it was time to cut the bullshit and show up. 2a. I sent the paperwork back. Today. I mean tomorrow, when it's Monday.

3. Chapbook promise #1, Passenger Ship, long-delayed (by me) for Carrie Hunter's Ypolita press: SENT! DONE! READY! (This is a kind of portable doll's house of almost-dirty stories. The first 'poems' I ever wrote. At age thirty. In a fiction workshop, with Dodie. It feels weird to publish them, can I preemptively disown/abandon? They're the violence and pornography latent in the childhood suite of pleather-bound Lousia May Alcott novels my grandparents gave to me. Or was the pornography latent in me.)

4. Listen for word re: TAXT reading/fundraiser in early December. Location TBD; suggestions welcome. Public space, not private home, please. If you've agreed to read/perform/participate, THANK YOU. More on this soon.

5. My job still requires the work of nine people 46 hours a day. I've put drinking, socializing, and sleeping on hold this month in order to accommodate.

In other news, I've been mainlining Hard Candy. Thanks, as ever, to Stephanie Young.



John Sakkis said...

let's talk.

and bully for you on all the rest!

Alli Warren said...

I'm a total loser, Suzanne Stein. Maybe YOU should write my TAXT book and I'll publish it?

suzanne said...

alli, that's the best idea ever. let's do it.