Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shortly I will be studying Studying Hunger. I would like suggestions/constraints for OUTPUT during the time of my study, or suggestions/constraints for OUTPUT presented at the close of my study.



dbuuck said...

IF you are thinking about using a physical copy of the book, maybe:

1. not counting the 3 page break in the middle, there are 68 pages. constraint: read 2 pages each day, no more.

2. before beginning, cover the cover image with something, so that you can't see it.

3. read your two pages each morning before eating.
3b. after each interval of reading, write down a (remembered/re-imagined) description of the cover image.
3c. if you've read the book online already, write about your comparative experience reading it as a (physical, 'rare book') object.

4. upon reading each page, tear page from book. crumple & carry on your person all day (but without looking at it). at night before bed, eat it. then write. take the book into your body, letting go of any attachment to fetish-object status. first thing in the morning, write down any dream-memories. then pick up book and read the next segment, repeating 3-4.

dbuuck said...


1. copy 1-3 pages a day by hand.
1b. same as 1 but allow your own responses/thoughts/etc filter into the handwritten 'copy'.

2. (optional) when done keep handwritten copy but pass on book to someone else, with same or new assignment(s).

Alli Warren said...

DURING: Take a Mayer photo of yourself every day of your study. Try to photographically replicate the cover image. Watch how the light/eyes change.