Sunday, June 24, 2007

I’m still trying to understand the blog form. Am working at it’s possible to not front in a flat space. Or the object as other than indicating/advertising apparatus. Which would be making the space porous, but I'm not so sure this is about comment boxes or link streams. A portal is a portal if it deepens the space.

this form allows you to stop anywhere and begin again anywhere It's all contingency and evaporation. it's news. which surely is news to no one but me. so the static elements are the parts most porous, they don't disintegrate, they remain. so tone remains. but not speech. to continue this thought, tomorrow, according to this form, is to erase it.


suzanne said...

commerce boxes

rodney k said...

Hi Suzanne,

Late night spitballing over these sharp questions led me to wonder if we could detach the indicating/ from the /advertising, if we could do that, then could indicating itself become a form? "The news that doesn't stay news": is there any purchase in that?

I like "commerce box."

suzanne said...

hi rodney
[i miss you!]

yes, indicating and advertising detached, separate--that backslash isn't entirely, but partially, lazy shorthand for "or", as on the other hand there is something that's elided. or, is there a difference? [see clay's post on the goodreads thing. what's one selling?] which is not to say errs. but i'm trying to get a grip on the substrate.

would you say a little more about your indicating form? i was thinking it would be a 'best use' form, and then immediately wanted to reprimand [reveal] myself [to myself] by acknowledging its relationship to advert.

why is 'commerce box' so pornographic this morning?