Sunday, September 9, 2007

none too soon, really—

"For to be faithful to this situation means: to treat it right to the limit of the possible. Or, if you prefer: to draw from this situation, to the greatest possible extent, the affirmative humanity that it contains. Or again: to try to be the immortal of this situation."

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judy j said...

Nijinksy thought he was God's dancing gift to humanity; he proclaimed it, and his wife took notes: not The Afternoon in The Life of A Faun, but Freud's least successful patient (if possible) and best at pirouettes - how do we both be best and worst and somewhere in between? Duncan traveled to Greece, try to keep up that toga when our history gets tangled in tank treads like long scarves in automobile wheels (croak [gratuitous choking noise here]) and yet I have to admire the insistence on classical forms as much as I scoff, because back braces and elbow shards don't support leaps of logic and lifts of reason when the drama of sitting and standing is never exhausted: Barishnikov still dances in his fifties, New York lofts his new studio; next to come, an itinerary of urban architecture of discarded furniture? a catalogue of structural remains? or a choreography of exhaust pipes and assembly lines, where we punch in and punch out, words of want, punch in, whisper, out