Wednesday, September 26, 2007

tonight after work and after shrink and before driving home to oakland i stopped at the rainbow grocery and had the really good fortune to run into one of the loveliest and sweetest of all poets anywhere, cedar sigo, who works there. we had a hug and kiss in the oil and vinegar aisle and a quick hello of what are you doing? cedar said he hadn't been working at the store all that much and has been writing a lot, and he said, you know, the amazing thing about poetry is it will never betray you, the more you give your life to poetry the more poetry gives its life, and gives life, to you. [or he said something very close to this]. this kind of encounter is what makes all the expense and commute and suffering and overbusyness and overcommittedness of life in the bay area exquisitely, infinitely, everlastingly wonderful and good. thanks, cedar. i kiss you.

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