Thursday, December 13, 2007

the little battering ram that could

first off, gossip is the laziest locomotion.

Is poetry a sustainable resource?

Has anyone seen Zabriskie Point lately? I can't stop thinking about it, or rather, I can't stop thinking about the last 15 minutes of it, I wake up in the middle of the night and lie awake plotting a four-thousand-point-radiating-star course of action and watching the Zabriskie Point end-game replay in my "mind's eye" over and over again. My mind has no use for eye! what it needs now are four (thousand) hands.

This mental-viewing-slash-cheap-metaphor Zabriskie Point thing happened to me once before, I suddenly recall. At the very moment the Space Shuttle Columbia was burning up over Texas, someone I'd never met before was in an airplane bound for San Francisco and when that plane landed my whole life did a Zabriskie Point. Equidistant from this thought is the one about running into an old friend AT THE MALL last weekend. Jesus, was that just last weekend? I was buying stockings. That was four thousand lifetimes ago, at least.

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