Saturday, December 1, 2007

track 11 of the gramaphone best of 2006 on repeat play, which is what kind of distorted telos? it's the pretty but inaccurate bridge that seems so inadequate to a new body trying to rest after such a long, long bridge of rest-less agency, which took me so far from there to this strange new unordinary here---put a penny in the slot and make an artificial light shine?---

somewhere nearby i have a picture i took on a grassy lawn in san diego a lot of years ago: atop a decorative garden-stake glass-and-wire sculpturette of a grasshopper, is a real grasshopper, shiny, glossy, wet, with papery translucent newly discarded skin just about to drop--do i feel like that? not really. but it's in my mind to share it with you. i feel something even better than that. you can get from there to here in nothing flat.

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Alli Warren said...

hey, you're back. this makes me happy.