Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am having the not unwelcome opportunity to observe how each part of the body adjusts and recalibrates to compensate for the injured part. It's good to have an overt injury (cannot use foot for walking) and be able to watch and feel both the massive and the minute adjustments. I'm used to having ignorable half-injuries (hamstring strain, for example, only reminds in certain yoga poses, or after an ill-planned run), and I'm not really a sports person so I manage my pains the way I manage my sports, without thinking much about it. Now I am forced to, and this has me thinking about the emotional injuries, and trying to imagine all the forms of heretofore unobserved recalibrations I must always be making. I think I know what my 'overt' injuries or weak spots are, but what about all those 'ignorables', or the 'my-hamstring's-been-fucked-so-long-I've-forgotten-how-not-to-strain-it' and their attendant set of cute little deflective and protective (and re-injurious) habits?

When the foot can't be used as it's used to, the calf, the shin, the knee, the thigh, the hip, have a particular new mode, and the other leg bears it. Also the arms have to carry things otherwise, and the core thinks more about what it's supposed to do to keep me holding up. Back and waist are not left out. The head's of course on the biggest trip. Ask for help? Insist on it? Accept it? Oh my god. Fun with figures!

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