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Suzanne Stein Burning cds for friends, playlists selected by variety of aleatory methods. If you want one, backchannel mailing address
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Brandon Brown at 4:01pm June 13
you already have mine. I want.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for letting me make an aleatory mix cd for you. Some of you I know very well, and some of you almost not at all. It’s been fun to think of you all while putting these together.

There are currently 3,886 tracks on my iPod. With very few exceptions, the 3,886 tracks were gifts to me from family, friends, & lovers, as I have never developed the practice or habit of looking for or buying music, and both rely on and delight in the variety of things my people give me. I almost always listen to the iPod on shuffle, and all of the playlists were selected using iPod shuffle + some formula, personal to the receiver, for the chance selection of tracks.

Your track lists & their formulas appear below in the order in which you made your requests, first to last.


Noah Eli Gordon, you have three names, and three O’s in your name. I selected every third song that had an ‘O’ in the title, for 3 x 3 = 9 songs.

Affectio -- Yannis Kyriakides -- The Thing Like Us
Universal Corner -- X -- Los Angeles & Wild Gift
Take Off your Clothes to Feel the Setting Sun -- Wolfgang Dauner Quartet -- Untouchable Outcaste Beats Vol. 1
Trois GymnopÈdies II. Lent et triste -- Aldo Ciccolini -- Satie: Popular Piano Works
Something About England -- The Clash -- Sandinista!
Can't Make a Sound -- Elliott Smith -- Figure 8
The Mystery of Love -- Marianne Faithfull -- Buuck cd 1
Looking At You -- Lee Wiley -- Lee Wiley Sings Gershwin & Porter
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else -- Cook's Dreamland Orchestra Ft. Freddie Keppard -- The History Of Jazz


Mike Kelleher, I selected the fourth song (M-i-k-e), followed by the eighth song after that (K-e-l-l-e-h-e-r), and continued this way in rounds until I had 4 + 8 = 12 songs. In honor of ‘Aimless Reading’, my favorite chronicle on the internet, I decided to note something I remember about each track, or the giver, or time of receipt of track, etc.

Track 09Interpol – Antics
What a way to start: I don’t remember who gave it to me or when. I remember that I was obsessed with Track 02 for a few weeks, and made Taylor Brady listen to it while we were sitting together at Norma Cole’s Poetry Center/CA Historical Society project, ‘House of Hope’. She’d installed a living room, c. Duncan & Jess in the 50s, with couches and chairs and books and records & rugs, etc. I’d been her project assistant and we’d spent months driving around looking for furniture and every other accoutrement for living rooms c. 1950 poet’s life. Norma was ‘in residence’ in the installation all day every day for many months, and it was a comfortable open living room anyone could drop in and out of. Always a nice time to find and meet and talk to other poets & writers, & others. We drank a lot of coffee and ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies sitting around together I remember. I met Bernadette Mayer there, sort of.

Celebrity SkinHole -- Celebrity Skin
My best friend from high school, Joy, lives in San Diego, with her long-term boyfriend and her little son. For some reason I decided to upload a bunch of their cds the last time I was visiting—about four years ago, maybe five? I also uploaded AC/DC, REO Speedwagon, Sweet, and the soundtracks to Magnolia, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Garden State.

Track 09
My father was killed in a violent accident when I was thirteen years old, and I inherited several records by this artist, not including the one this song is from. Oddly, the majority of the tracks or albums or artists in your playlist mark out the most extraordinary losses and sorrows of my life.

La belle excentrique - I. Grande ritournelle -- Aldo Ciccolini -- Satie: Popular Piano Works
Satie makes me think of My Dinner With Andre, but this track doesn’t.

Track 06 -- Heidi collection rotation
I don’t know if you’ve seen the SFMOMA Blog series ‘Collection Rotation’: I ask someone to organize a group of collection works online, however they like, sometimes they pair their selections with songs. Heidi sent me a cd of the songs she chose. This song starts out interestingly but the lyrics are plain idiocy.

-- Bob Dylan -- Desire
I don’t recall. Desire’s kind of like that I guess, once it’s passed. [I lied the first time. We all know that isn't even one time true.]

3-Legged Dog
-- The Handsome Family -- Milk And Scissors
My ex-husband and I discovered this band together. Are they famous? I don’t know. It’s a husband and wife team and she writes the songs and he sings them. We saw them play once at the Bottom of the Hill, I seem to remember the man looking sort of like the poet Jeff Clark. The wife was wearing a black dress, had black hair and was kind of plump. My favorite song on this record is a waltz, called Tin Foil. The lyrics are: “Late New Year’s Eve, paper hat on your head/ It’s hard to believe you’ll ever be dead/ But that dream where you’re falling you’ve had since you’re five/ Is a bird on your shoulder who whispers goodbye// What is moving will be still, what has been gathered will disperse/ What has been built up will collapse, all your dreams fulfilled// Evil Knieval shot up from dead grass/ I loved him better each time he crashed/ Liza Minelli spent a month in her bed/ certain that Skylab would fall on her head// What is moving will be still, what has been gathered will disperse/ What has been built up will collapse, all your dreams fulfilled// One night I dreamed that I dug my own grave/ and climbed down inside to patiently wait/ Down in the ground I breathed the warm air/ and blackbirds flew down to nest in my hair// What is moving will be still, what has been gathered will disperse, what has been built up will collapse, all your dreams fulfilled.

Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight -- Bob Dylan – Infidels
I’ve had this track on the iPod for years, and only listened to the song for the first time all the way through maybe three or four months ago, while walking around Lake Merritt on a gloomy day. This particular Dylan album was probably part of my ex-husband’s collection. In the early months after we split up, I would go to his house, where we’d lived together, watch our dog, and upload cds. He also burned a lot of cds for me at that time, because he was worried I wouldn’t have anything to listen to, since the only cds that were actually mine were ELO’s Greatest Hits and Yiddish Masterpieces, which he’d given me one year for Hannukah.

Yellow Sarong -- Yo La Tengo – Fakebook
Saw Yo La Tengo at the Great American Music Hall in the middle of a Sunday afternoon once. I remember best their performance of ‘You can have it all’, because the two guys did a funny dance with sort of faux-Polynesian hand movements. I don’t like going to music shows all that much. I get bored and irritate others by trying to have conversations.

Tulsa Queen -- Emmylou Harris -- Luxury Liner
Don’t remember a thing and not sure I’ve listened to this one ever. I recall that people say about Emmylou Harris ‘the prettiest voice in country music’ or something. Whenever I think of Emmylou Harris I think about the story that she never got over the death of Gram Parsons.

I Love Your Lovin' Ways -- Nina Simone -- Wild Is The Wind/High Priestess Of Soul
I remember listening to this cd over and over again driving highway 99 through the central valley of California. When I see the cd or the names of any of the tracks on it or hear the songs, I picture one particular spot on the road, lined with eucalyptus trees.

Potato Head Blues -- Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven Ft. Johnny Dodds -- The History Of Jazz


Erika Staiti, your name is notable for its multiplicity of vowels: six out of eleven letters! I selected the first six tracks that began with a vowel. You haven’t been cheated in terms of cd length, though. ‘Original Sufferhead’ goes on for at least twenty minutes.

edward appleby (in memoriam) -- Mark Mothersbaugh -- Alli Warren's top 25
Oh Well, Okay -- Elliott Smith -- XO
Original Sufferhead -- Fela Kuti -- Original Sufferhead
ees -- Aldo Ciccolini -- Satie: Popular Piano Works
Affectio -- Yannis Kyriakides -- The Thing Like Us
I'll Be Your San Antone Rose -- Emmylou Harris -- Luxury Liner


Carrie Hunter, since I know you will write poems to these songs, I selected the first ten songs that were longer than five minutes. This is going to make one fuck of a good chapbook. I hope you dedicate it to me.

You Got Me (LIVE) -- Roots
Adagio -- Zoltan Kodály : Duo for Violin And Cello, Op. 7 -- Starker Plays Kodály
Komoriuta: Lullaby for the Moon -- Inzan Tanaka -- Lullaby for the Moon
Long Before -- Palace Brothers -- There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You
Don't Know What To Tell YaAaliyah -- I Care 4 U
Untitled -- EKG & Giuseppe Ielasi -- Group
Track 18 -- transatlantic space 2
BulletHayden -- The Closer I Get
The Call Up -- The Clash -- Sandinista! (Disc 2 of 2)
Concierto De Aranjuez -- Miles Davis & Gil Evans -- Sketches Of Spain


Linda Poe Waterfield, in honor of your daily documentary photo project, I chose a ‘documentary’ style of selection. I set the iPod on shuffle, let it run, and noted every track that played on my commute to work on June 16, 2009. I noted where I was when each song began.

Yardbird Suite -- Charlie Parker Septet, featuring Miles Davis -- The History of Jazz — The Be-Bop Revolution
----my doorstep----
Radio WavesMagnapop -- Rubbing Doesn't Help
----looking at Lake Merritt, walking to carshare----
I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone -- Elvis Presley -- The Sun Sessions CD
----still walking to carshare----
A Mistake -- Fiona Apple -- When the Pawn Hits
----in a car, on Perkins----
If You Leave -- Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark -- Pretty In Pink
----in the carpool lane, almost to the toll gates (traffic’s been pretty lite til now, bridge doesn’t look as good---)
Hey Jude -- Elvis Presley -- The Essensial 60's Masters I (Disc 4)
----on the west span of the bridge, just out of the tunnel---
Transitions -- The Beastie Boys -- Ill Communication
---how appropriate. I just got out of the car and started walking----
Ocean (Outtake) -- The Velvet Underground -- Loaded (Disc 1)
---still walking. (and the song ended exactly the moment I arrived in my cubicle).


Chris Chen, in honor of our Christmas Eve coffee date, I selected every 24th song. 24 ÷ 2 = 12 songs. I swear with all my honor that this was the method and I did not cheat. Freaky!

Gett OffPrince -- title
ees -- Aldo Ciccolini -- Satie: Popular Piano Works
Letters -- Bruce Andrews -- DiPalma, Lally and Andrews @ Ear Inn / New York, November 10, 1977
In The "Cheder” -- Mardechai Hersman -- Yiddish Masterpieces (Compiled By Dr. Motti Friedman)
Change Gonna Come -- Otis Redding -- The Otis Redding Anthology
Lo Mismo Que Tú -- Ana D -- Satelite 99
Will You Find Me? -- American Music Club -- Mercury
Into The GrooveMadonna -- The Immaculate Collection
The Lies In Your EyesSweet --The Best Of Sweet
Catch A Wave -- The Beach Boys -- Surfer Girl / Shut Down Vol. 2
SkinMadonna -- Ray Of Light
There She Goes Again --The Velvet Underground -- The Velvet Underground & Nico


Alli Warren, there are twenty-two letters in the phrase “Granada Hills High School”. We were born sixteen years apart. Twenty-two minus sixteen is six. I chose every sixth song, if it had both an “A” and an “S” in the title. There are seven letters in ‘Allison’ and seven letters in ‘Suzanne’. There are also seven letters in the title of the song, ‘Roxanne’. You get seven songs. “keys and keys and more keys

Last Call -- Elliott Smith -- Roman Candle
Epistola -- Yannis Kyriakides -- The Thing Like Us
You Made This World, We Didn't -- Bruce Andrews -- SUNY Buffalo / April 15, 1992
When I Was Drinking Hem -- Rabbit Songs
Say Cheese -- Granfaloon Bus -- Sleeping Car
pissing in a river -- Patti Smith
Impasse: -- Richard Buckner -- Impasse


Brandon Brown, you were born on June 26th, thirteen days from June 13th, the day I decided to make cds and you decided to request yours. There are eighteen letters, six syllables, and two spaces in ‘MIR HUSSEIN MOUSSAVI’, and eighteen letters, seven syllables, and one space in ‘MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD’. 18+6+2=26. 18+7+1=26. There are two syllables and six letters in TEHRAN, and two syllables and four letters in IRAN. There are ten letters in REVOLUTION and eight letters in ALEATORY, and seven letters in RECOUNT and thirteen letters in SUPREME LEADER, and eleven letters in GREEN RIBBON. There are seven letters in CAESURA. There are four letters in ROME. There are four letters in ROAM. There are five letters in RHONE. X divided by Y is Z. I selected every Z, X, and Q song.

Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart -- Judy Garland -- Little Girl Blue
Zinsizwa Zase Makhabeleni (Young Men Of Makhabeleni) -- Frans Msomi -- Singing In An Open Space: Zulu Rhythm And Harmony, 1962-1982
Zisho Esikhaleni (They Are Singing In An Open Space) -- Norman Sibisi and Izintombi Zakwa Zulu -- Singing In An Open Space: Zulu Rhythm And Harmony, 1962-1982
Zyeza Amagola (The Crooks Are Coming) -- Amos Mkhiza -- Singing In An Open Space: Zulu Rhythm And Harmony, 1962-1982
Xmas Lights Spin -- Mark Eitzel -- Caught In A Trap And I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby
q q q -- Bruce Andrews -- DiPalma, Lally and Andrews @ Ear Inn / New York, November 10, 1977
Quattro (World Drifts In)Calexico -- Feast Of Wire
Que Me Hace Dano -- Beny Moré -- Latin Roots
Queen B@#$H -- Lil' Kim -- Hard Core
Queen Of No One -- Mark Eitzel -- Caught In A Trap And I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby
Queen of the Silver Dollar -- Emmylou Harris -- Pieces Of The Sky
question -- Old 97s -- BB CD for SS


Jennifer Manzano, you were the ninth person to request a cd. I selected every ninth song, wrote the titles on slips of paper, put them in a bag, pulled three out and discarded them. Then I selected three more tracks, by the every-ninth selection method, wrote those three on slips of paper, & put them in the bag. The order of your songs is the order I drew the nine slips of paper from the bag. First track is one of my all-time favorite songs. There’s a funny partial narrative here about getting knocked up. Watch out!

Back Of A Car -- Big Star -- #1 Record/Radio City
Wake The World -- The Beach Boys -- Friends
Just Friends -- Irene Kral With The Junior Mance Trio -- Better Than Anything
I'll Be There -- Elvis Presley -- The Essensial 60's Masters I (Disc 4)
I'm Free -- The Rolling Stones -- December's Children (And Everybody's)
Papa Don't Preach -- Madonna -- The Immaculate Collection
She's Crafty -- The Beastie Boys -- Licensed To Ill
Head Held High -- The Velvet Underground -- Loaded (Disc 1)
Track 07

Much love to all

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