Tuesday, May 20, 2008

dreams, they can come true

So sings Gabrielle.

Last night's dream merits a public telling. First I should say that I walked several miles yesterday, worked a full day, and then went to an intense yoga class. I've had an ongoing issue with my left knee; knee problems in yoga are often in fact HIP problems; the hips and the pelvis are the site of the second chakra, according to that system all kinds of messy stuff gets stored there. Your darkest terror, your emotional and sexual trauma, your relational sorrow. I walked home. I fell asleep exactly at 10pm. I dreamt I was in a shallow pool and being treated for ailments of the spirit by a team of two or more curers, and the method, by the language of the dream, was 'homeopathy' but seemed to be by practice more like acupuncture or acupressure. Each of my two hands and each of my feet were being leeched--but there weren't any slug-like creatures to be seen or felt--by either a hands-on pressure, or a "drawing-out" by needle. On the tops of hands and feet, not the palms and not the soles, and it felt exactly like acupuncture: that tense, vibrating, drawing-out feeling when the needle is in intense relation to energy. Stephanie was there, and seemed to be guiding or soothing one part of the healing. I had trouble moving, the process was paralyzing. Throughout I was being petted and soothed, this process was good for me. The implements or hands were removed, but something wasn't finished. I heard someone say, it's too late, she'll be waking up soon, we can't finish, and I answered, no, it's good for me, it's okay, let's continue. Stephanie agreed. I was no longer in the pool, I was in something more like a hospital bed. A nursery bed. The nurse took a flattened metal hook from the wall; it was a long curving half-U shape, and at the base was a flat metal point, somewhat dull. They used this implement to pierce the top of my left foot, at the point just above where the toes join the foot, where the skin is thinnest, between the tendons. There was blood everywhere. I woke up. It took me a moment to come to. I'd been dead asleep on my back, I usually sleep on my belly. It was exactly midnight. Was I scared? YOU BET I WAS.


carrie hunter said...

I used to have knee pain from yoga - the blocks help a bit. And not pushing helps! What chakra is connected to the shoulder/upper arm? I am having total issues.

suzanne said...

i had a shoulder injury for about six months one year. acupuncture helped.

do you find yourself feeling immoral and irresponsible?

do you fear life and have difficulty putting your heart into actions?

shoulder-blades chakra...

"On the gross and lower subtle emotional and mental levels, it is as Barbara Brennan explains, the centre of ego-self and will-power; the centre from which we act in the external physical world [Brennan, pp.76-7]. When this centre is over-active it produces an immoral, irresponsible individual [Tansley, Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man, p.41]."

which reminds me I have shoulder blade pain. am i impulsive and lacking in caution? do i see the universe as a hostile place? or am i driven to embrace my life, learn from it, use it to grow personally and discover my Divine origins?

I'm not sure yet! let me try Tantra and I'll get back to you. good luck with your shoulders. i have a good acupuncturist if you want the phone number.

carrie hunter said...

I am probably terrified of life. Will acupunture help with that? That site is weird and cool, I like the picture of the secondary chakras...I think my bicep chakra is hurting but can't figure out what *that* means either!