Thursday, May 15, 2008

How often do YOU find yourself in a room full of people who can drop fifty grand---AND SO MUCH MORE---in between the dim sum and the tart? There was at least one dress in the room the cost of which would cover the rent on my apartment---for a year. I was at the bar (where else?) when a woman about my age brushed past me: money buys the softest skin you've ever felt. And children with strong teeth, and genius. I felt sad watching them auction the Rauschenberg. A whole life up on the block? It went for almost double the estimate.

Then again, my only REAL problem with four hundred dollar handbags is that I can't afford them. Prove to me you don't feel the same.


estaiti said...

the only real validation for buying a $400 handbag is that one CAN afford it.

and what's up with this angels & cherubs bullshit?
"softest skin... strong teeth and genius."

they're people. ugly dirty human people.

though i must admit, i have never been in a room filled with 'em.

suzanne said...

where are the angels and cherubs?

you think soft skin, strong teeth and genius are genetic?

estaiti said...

i can think of many poor folk who have soft skin strong teeth and genius.

i'm not doubting the softness of the wealthy woman's skin who grazed you. just saying the attention to rich folk in that regard seems a bit superfluous.

suzanne said...

My point isn't that those qualities don't exist elsewhere.