Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seeking A Full Bush - 39 (San Francisco)
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Date: 2008-05-22, 2:29PM PDT

What happened to real women? In the 70's everyone had a full bush, now, every girl I go out with over the last few years seems to have shaved everything "down there." I am single, good looking, fit, 6 feet tall, never married, no kids, no drama, a successful business owner, good personality,and in need of that one special beautiful woman who has what I desire. Are you out there? As far as a platform from which to go on, being a non-smoking, non-Republican with a full bush is an excellent start.

I refuse to mention I like big boobs ( .) ( . ) - 38

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Date: 2008-05-22, 6:53PM PDT

I refuse to mention that I like women with huge knockers. Yes I am a tit man and I am coming out of the closet. I go nuttier than a squirl for a big of pair of bazookas. The problem is, if I mention I am looking for a women with big boobies, well she is just going to think I am a we bit of a perv. So whats a man to do, How do you subtly mention I am on a quest for a big pair of juggs. Now what self respecting women with the huge love guns would write to me. I mean you just can't go around saying you looking for a big pair of titties now can you,? What would people think? yes I want a date with your jiggly wigglies and you can come too!

Since I can't mention ( . ) ( . ), I will just have to write something like this. Handsome single 38, fun, white gent. tall, sexy blue eyes and all the other bits and pieces. Looking for love and a real girlfriend. Just don't forget to bring the sisters and a tight sweater :)LOL.

Don't all you big bosomed ladies write at once:)

Teach me how to cook, I'll teach you how to golf well... - 39 (SOMA / south beach)

Are friends with benefits pase - 38

Married male seeking a friendship, warm relationship and more.... - 42 (the (415) zone)

Handsome man seeking romance NSA - 38 (sunset / parkside)
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Date: 2008-05-22, 8:38AM PDT

When choosing a man to have a casual sexual relationship with, you as a woman have many choices but it's very important that the you make the right choice and pick the right guy. There are many guys out there who will give you drama you don't want - such as calling you too much, being too needy or too controlling of you. There are guys who have std's from sleeping around too much. Then there are the guys who are bad in bed or average at best.

I am a man who won't give you the drama you don't want, won't get too clingy or controlling, have no std's and best of all: I am GREAT in bed.

Let me tell you a little more about myself. I have been married for 12 years to the same woman. I have a good marriage for the most part but my wife's interest in sex has diminished greatly over the years and despite tremendous efforts on my part to restore her interest, I have been left mostly sexually frustrated most of the time. I therefore decided that the best thing for me to do is to find a discreet casual "friend" - a woman who can keep a secret and not jeopardize my marriage.

I offer you an opportunity to be with someone who is safe - safe not only as in being disease-free but safe as in knowing that I am a married man who doesn't have the time to be out sleeping with multiple women. Unlike a single guy who has the time to sleep around, a married man has responsibilities to be home with his wife every night. This should make you feel more comfortable since std's are much easier to pick up than most single people realize. Condoms don't even offer 100% protection - regardless of what people think. Being in a monogomous sexual relationship with a married man gives you the best of both worlds - great sexual experiences with the maximum amount of safety.

In addition, I offer you the opportunity to be in a casual relationship with a man who is good-looking and physically fit - a man who really takes care of his body. Most men - single and married - do not really take care of themselves. They smoke, drink, and don't exercise. As for me, I don't smoke, drink very little, and I exercise every day including on weekends. My body looks and feels great and you will be happy to be with a man who takes care of himself like I do.

I am looking for only one woman to enter into a casual relationship with and here are my requirements:

First, I require that you are a woman between the ages of 21-48. Second, I require that you are a non-smoker. Third, I require that you are std-free. Fourth, I require that you are discreet - meaning that you aren't going to do anything to jeopardize my marriage. Fifth, I require that you are interested in meeting up with me for fun times and pleasure at least a couple of times a month on a regular basis. I'm not looking for a one-night stand so if a one-night stand is what you're looking for, move on to the next ad or try looking in "casual encounters". This pretty much sums up my requirements.

Now you'll notice that I didn't mention anything at all about your looks. Yes, it is important that the two of us be physically attracted to one another if we're going to be involved sexually with one another. But I'm the type of guy who doesn't have a "type" so I don't know the type of woman who I'll be attracted to until I actually meet her in person. Yes, a picture helps but sometimes people look better or worse than they do in their pictures.

In my life, I've been attracted to women who were thin, women who were average, and women who were very thick (and some would say FAT). I've been attracted to women of all races and colors as well. So if you are a woman who is reading my posting and you are feeling a little insecure about your looks and wondering if I'll be interested in you or not, stop wondering about it! There's only one way for you to find out and that's by sending me an email to say "hi". It costs nothing to write to me - absolultely free of charge! And when I write you back with my email address, I'll want you to take a chance by sending me a picture of yourself. I might really like you and you have no way of knowing if I'd be interested in you or not unless you send your picture.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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